small dishes

Small dishes served as starters or to share Dim Sum style

1. Grilled Pork Dumplings 6.8
4 wok grilled Chinese style dumplings filled with minced pork & chopped cabbage with
a hint of ginger, served with sweet chilli sauce


2. Fried Vegetable Gyozas(v) 6.8

6 Japanese style dumplings, served w/ ginger soy vinagrette


3. Satay Chicken (n)(gf) 7.3
4 skewers of marinated chicken,served with cucumber & a spicy peanut sauce


4. Vegetable Spring Rolls (v) 6.2
3 crispy spring rolls filled with finely sliced cabbage, carrots, vermicelli, & mok yee,
served with sweet chilli sauce


5. Crispy Duck Rolls 8.2
Crispy spring rolls filled with aromatic duck, cucumber & served with hoi sin sauce


6. Steamed Dim Sum

Prawn Har Kau 5.9

Prawn & Pork Siu Mai 5.2

Creamy Chicken Xiao Long Bao 7


7. Korean Chilli Beef Skewers(gf) 8.3

2 skewers of ribeye, marinated in Korean chilli bean paste

8. Edamame (lightly salted / wok fried & spicy) (v)(gf) 4.8 / 5.5
Green soya beans in their pods served either steamed & lightly salted or wok fried with
chopped chillies, ginger, coriander & garlic

9. Salt & Chilli Squid (gf) 7.9
Tender pieces of squid coated in a light batter & then wok fried with chillies, garlic & five spice

10. Spicy Prawn Crackers(gf) 3.5
Thai style crispy crackers


11. Chilli Chicken Mushroom Dumplings 6.8

5 steamed chicken and mushroom dumplings served w/ chilli soy


12. Crispy Duck    1/4  15.5     1/2  29
Served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce, cucumber & spring onions


13. Pumpkin Croquettes (v) 6.8

Deep fried Japanese style pumpkin croquettes in panko served w/ chilli vegan mayo


14. Korean Style Chicken Wings 7.9

Crispy fried wings coated in a spicy & sweet Gochujang sauce w/ sesame seeds


15. Pork Kimchi Lettuce Wraps 7.5

Sliced pork marinated in Korean bulgogi sauce wok fried w/ Kimchi, garnished w/ grated cheese & seaweed, served w/ fresh lettuce to wrap


16. Sesame Prawn Toast 7.9

served w/ sweet chilli sauce

soup noodles

21. Laksa (Vegan option available)  14

Egg noodles in a spicy Malaysian coconut soup with chicken, prawns, fish cake, egg,
bean sprouts & tofu, garnished with chopped chillies & coriander

22. Brisket (ramen, udon or ho fun noodles) 13
Slow cooked brisket scented w/ star anise, cinnamon, fennel & coriander seeds. Served w/ baby spinach, carrots, wakame&garnished with spring onions & fried shallots, served in a clear broth

23. Grilled Chicken (ramen or udon noodles) 13
Grilled chicken breast served with baby spinach, carrots,
wakame & garnished with spring onions & fried shallots, served in a clear broth

24. Pork Belly (ramen or udon noodles) 14
Slow cooked pork belly with beansprouts, wakame, spring onions, served in creamy, garlicky pork broth


25. Roast Duck (ramen or udon noodles) 14.5
Five spice roasted duck with baby spinach, wakame, carrots, wakame & garnished with spring onions & fried shallots, served in a clear broth

26. Korean Chilli Seafood Udon 13.5

Soup noodle w/ salmon, prawns, fishcake, squid, baby spinach, sweetcorn, wakame, egg, carrots, served in a fiery broth & garnished w/ spring onions, chillies & fried shallots

27. Vegetable Udon (v) 12.5

Wok fried pak choi, courgettes, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, mangetout, tofu, wakame & beansprouts, garnished w/ spring onions & fried shallots, served in a clear vegetable broth


stir fried noodles

51. Beef Kway Teow     13

(Vegan option available)

 Wok fried ho fun rice noodles with sliced beef, pak choi, bean sprouts & egg garnished with chillies, spring onions & fried shallots

52. Crispy Seafood Noodles     13.5

(Vegan option available)

 Pan fried thin egg noodles topped with prawns, squid, sliced fish cakes & pak choi, in a garlic oyster sauce, garnished with spring onions & fried shallots

53. Spicy Yasai Udon (v)    12.5

 Wok fried udon noodles with courgettes, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, mange tout, aubergine, tofu & bean sprouts, garnished with spring onions & fried shallots

54. Mee Goreng 13

(Vegan option available)

 Spicy wok fried egg noodles w/ chicken, fishcake, pak choi, beansprouts, cabbage and chillies

55. Singapore Noodles    13

(Vegan option available)

 Stir fried rice vermicelli in a medium spice curry paste with prawns,egg, chicken, carrots, mange tout & garnished with sesame seeds & a wedge of lime

56. Crispy Noodles     14.5

 Pan fried thin egg noodles topped with roast duck, carrots, straw mushrooms & mangetout in a oyster & garlic sauce

57. Beef Ho Fun     13

(Vegan option available)

 Ho Fun rice noodles w/ stir fried beef, peppers & onions in a black bean sauce


70. Dry Fried French Beans with Minced Pork        13.5

(Vegan option available)

 Fresh french beans are first deep-fried quickly then stir-fried with aromatics and minced pork. Tender-crisp flavorful with, a distinctive blistered exterior.

71. Chicken Katsu Curry       13

Chicken fillet coated in panko , served with a light curry sauce, steamed white rice & salad garnish

72. Ma Po Tofu (gf)        14

(Vegan option available)

Stir fried minced pork & Japanese silken tofu w/ chilli bean paste, bamboo shoots & Shiitake served w/ steamed rice

73. Malaysian Lamb Curry (gf)       14.5

(Vegan option available)

Slow cooked lamb pieces & new potatoes in a rich coconut curry, served with steamed white rice & garnished with desiccated coconut

74. Nasi Goreng        13

(Vegan option available)

Spicy fried rice with egg, prawns, chicken, sweet corn, cabbage, carrots, peas,& garnished with red chillies & prawn crackers

75. Thai Red Curry (Chicken / Vegetable & Tofu / prawn)(gf)     13.5 / 13 / 14.5

Classic Thai curry with aubergine, mangetout, baby corn, edamame peas & shiitake mushroom. Served with steamed rice

76. Salt & Pepper Pork (gf)       13.5

(Vegan option available)

Tender pieces of pork coated in a light batter then wok fried with chopped red chillies, garlic, onions & five spice, finished with a dash of shaohsing wine

77. Salt & Pepper Chicken (gf)         13.5

Tender pieces of chicken coated in a light batter then wok fried withchopped red chillies, garlic, onions & five spice, finished with a dash of shaohsing wine

78. Sweet & Sour Chicken / Prawn (gf) 13 / 14.5

(Vegan option available)

served w/ steamed rice

79. Sichuan Style Lamb 14.5

Wok fried lamb slices w/cumin, Sichuan peppercorns, dried chillies, peppers & onions


80. Sesame Chicken Smacked Cucumber Salad       13

 Grilled chicken w/ homemade sesame sauce, served w/ smacked cucumber, sweet corn, radish, coriander in soy, vinegar dressing

82. Thai Rare Beef Salad (gf)      14

 Medium rare grilled strips of sirloin tossed in a salad of bean sprouts, baby gem, cucumber, mint, coriander, cherry tomatoes & grapefruit in a chilli lime dressing

84. Pan Fried Sea Bass/ Salmon w/ wok fried vegetables (gf) 14.5

 Pan fried fillet of sea bass/ salmon, served w/ lightly stir fried mangetout,

 pak choi, beansprouts, peppers & garlic


(v) Vegetarian (n) Contains nuts (gf) gluten free


105. Steamed White Rice  4

106. Egg Fried Rice 4.9

107. Stir Fried Egg Noodles 5.9

108. Stir Fried Pak Choi w/Garlic 7.8

109. Curry Sauce 2.5

soft drinks

201.   Orange Juice   3.5

202.   Aloe Vera Drink 4.2

203. Lychee & Mint Cooler 3.8

204. Pure coconut Water 3.8

205.   Coca Cola 330ml    3.2

206.   Diet Coca Cola 330ml     3.2

207. Sprite 330ml 3.2

208.    Sparkling Water 330ml     2.8

209.     Still Water 330ml    2.8

210.     Ginger Beer     3.2

405.     Green Tea     2

406. Oolong Tea 2

beers & sake

300.        Tsing Tao 330ml     4.5

301.        Rekorderlig Cider 500ml     6.2

302.        Tiger 330ml     4.5

303.        Singha 330ml     4.5

304.        Corona 330ml     4.5

305.        Draught Beers  pint     6.2

501.        Ozeki Sake (served hot) 125ml     7.8